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Warm Mango Lotion

Our manicure and pedicure pamper and beautify your hands and feet utilizing fresh rose petals and lemond slices. The following multi-step treatment includes cleansing, sharping & nourishing your nails (a 6 minutes hand and a 8 minutes feet massage) and polishing to perfection.
Mani: $18       Pedi: $30       Combo: $45

Milk and Honey

Enjoy an ultra gentle and soothing soak in fresh milk & honey with a lavender fragrance oil that will exfoliate, sooth, and soften your skin. Following this is a hydrating milk & honey butter cream massage for your hands and feet. Included is a choice of a fresh avocado mask or a paraffin dip. This treatment is great for those dry and cracked heels. (15 minutes for hands massage & 15 minutes for feet massage)
Mani: $30       Pedi: $45       Combo: $70

Chocolate and Rose Petals

Rediscover pure relaxation with the delicious scent of the chocolate mousse fragrance oil. Then the exfoliating butter sea scrub is applied to exfoliate rough & dry soles. Relax with a 15 minutes hand & 15 minutes foot massage using the cream lotion & fresh avocado mask, clay mask or paraffin dip leaving your hand & feet glowing and looking youthful.
Mani: $30       Pedi: $45       Combo: $70

Vanilla and Orange

perfect balance of vanilla & extract with fresh orange slices & vanilla fragrance oil. This unique treatment will help soften your skin, lighten sun spots & brighter with extracts combined a sea salt scrub. Followed by a 15 minutes massage for your hand and 15 minutes for your feet with butter cream and including a paraffin dip.
Mani: $30       Pedi: $45       Combo: $70

Rosemary Mint

Treat your hands and feet to an invigorating and energizing experience with our certified organic products. Your feet are soaked, then Rosemary Mint infused products are used to exfoliate with an aqua therapy salt scrub. Legs are then lathered in Rosemary Mint oil and wrapped in warm towels followed by a soothing cool mint cream leg massage. Nails are then groomed & polished. (15 minutes for hands massage & 15 minutes for feet massage.)
Mani: $30       Pedi: $45       Combo: $70

Focused on naturally improving the condition of the skin to provide outstanding instant and long term results. Every facial begin with a detailed skin analysis and includes specific double cleansing techniques, gentle exfoliation the use of a high frequency facial machine an acupressure facial massage & a deep cleaning & intensive face mask.

Basic Facial

A quick & simple service that will brighter and give your face a radiant glow. Includes steaming, brushing off the dead skin & neck, shoulder massage and a mask.
40 Mins | $55

Deluxe Facial

A luxurious aromatic experience that revitalizes the skin & soothes the spirit. Consist of deep pore cleansing, enzyme scrub, glycolic peel, steam & extractions & an extensive European massage of chest, arms, shoulder and neck. Included a paraffin feet treatment and an antioxidant mask to enrich the skin.
70 Mins | $85

Lightening Treatment

This facial treatment addresses your personal needs for the ultimate relaxing & pampering facial. Cleansing, toning, firming, and hydrating procedures are tailored for your specific skin type. Experience the ultimate combination of a therapeutic treatment & revitalizing journey. The customized nature of this facial makes it ideal for men & women whose skin is sun damaged and hyper pigmented.
70 Mins | $90

Age Defying Facial

This highly rejuvenating anti-aging treatment blends age-old healing principles with modern wellness, healing from the inside out while harnessing the body’s own immune system. It’s holistic & non-surgical, just as it should be. The treatment uses the layering process incorporating organic fruits, vegetable & herbs, which serves to strengthen & rejuvenate the skin with high levels of vitamin A & C along with detoxifying antioxidants to purify the complexion and slow the aging process.
70 Mins | $90

Back Treatment

Whether you are male or female, this treatment is a must to ensure that your back is as a gorgeous as your face. A deep cleansing skin treatment for the hard to reach areas of the back, neck and shoulders. This treatment removes impurities, relaxes tension, and leaves the skin fresh and smooth
40 Mins | $55

Gel Color Manicure $35
Your nail and cuticle to be shaped & conditioned, polishing to perfection the color stay for at least 2 weeks until 4 weeks. Bonus, the OPI gel color match the OPI regular polish line, so now your tip & toes will match perfectly.  
Sugar Scrub add: $6
Paraffin dip hands or feet: $10
Add hands, feet, shoulder or neck massage:  
10 Minutes $15
15 Minutes $23
20 Minutes $30
25 Minutes $38
30 Minutes $45
Artificial Nails  
Acrylic Full Set $45
Acrylic Fill $32
Pink & White Full Set
Pink and White Fill $45
Gel Full Set (non-toxic) $60
Gel Fill (non-toxic) $45
Silk Wrap Full Set $60
Silk Wrap Fill $45
Artificial Nail Remover $10
French Manicure $5
French Pedicure $5
Polish Change Manicure $10
Polish Change Pedicure $15

Waxing Services

Face Wax  
Eye Brown Shaping $15
Lip $10
Chin $15
Side of Face $15
Full Face $45
Leg Wax  
Lower Leg $25
Thig Leg $30
Full Leg $50
Full Leg / Bikini $60
Man Wax  
Back and Shoulder $40
Chest $30

Thigh Bikini $45
Bikini Line $25
Half Brazilian $35
Brazilian $45
(For the Brazilian from perfect Esthetician take short time and less painful)  

Under Arm $15
Fore Arm $20
Lower Arm $20
Full Arm $35


Eye Brown Tinting $20
Eyelash Tinting $25
Eye Brown & Eyelash $40

Spa offers Facial packages that can be enjoyed through out the year.

Package A:
A Buy 5 of the same facial & receive the 6th one FREE
Package B:
Buy 10 of the same facial & recieve the 11th and 12th FREE
Package C:
Receive 20% discound, if spend over $200 on one person in a day.

For party, Birthday, Wedding, Baby shower and much more, call us at (415)383-2690 for details and reservation.

Rosemary Spa Commitments to cleanliness: Immediately after every use, the files and buffers are discarded. We use sterilizer autoclave. Our services are provided by highly trained, and state licensed technicians.

Return Policy:
All treatments once paid are non-refundable and non-exchangable.
Price subjects to change without notice.