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Acupressure is known as a thousands-year old-form of massage therapy. Nowadays, more and more people prefer this natural remedy before using medication. What do you know about massage and acupressure? The massage method requires the therapists to use their touch to manipulate the muscles and other soft tissues of the body, and the acupressure method involves applying pressure to certain points to address ailments. Both can help healing injuries, improving circulation and aiding with general health and wellness.


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We usually feel worn-out because of a hectic life, intensive work, or strenuous activities. As a result, the stress makes us depressed, the tension builds up in our muscles, that can lead to depression, insomnia, sciatica, herniated discs,..... Since our bodies and our minds are so interconnected with each other, we need to look after them well by eating healthy food, doing exercises, playing sport, or resting. Rosemary Medical Spa would be a great option for you to relax, recharge energy, and get ready for your next challenges. Our professional therapists who are competent will ensure to treat you with proper care. Let’s contact to experience the art of caring now!

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